On Repeat

The dream team strikes again!!


Last night we were dreading the end of our honeymoon and the return to work in the morning, so we decided to eat our emotions and ordered a bunch of sushi. While in the parking lot waiting for our take out we got your e-mail. Do you know how much self control it took to not look at those pictures until we got home? Lol.

We decided to pull out our wedding picnic items and look at the pictures on the TV. What a complete surprise date we got to have. I can't believe the pictures were ready so fast. What an incredible job Khushboo did, and also the editing!


These are amazing photos and absolutely connects us to that moment, just what we wanted. I was late for work this morning because I had to look at all the pictures again!


I have been utterly consumed with watching them each on repeat.


I am so in love with these videos. I remember when the movie TITANIC came out, I watched that in the sold out theatre, sitting on the floor, more than once. I didn’t think any movie could top this. Yet our team takes home the award today! I can watch these videos, sitting next to my husband, I can watch it on my lunch break, heck I even watch it while in the Tim Horton’s Drive-thru.


I love and am completely surprised how all these small things were captured, that were memories that would have been lost over time, or even are insignificant in the grand picture of the day but are in the video and have proven to be crucial detail that help stitch it all together. I love the flow of the videos and the editing. I absolutely baled my eyes out watching the ceremony....okay I’ve done that a few times already. I’ll just blame it on allergies! 


We can’t wait to have our “Happily Ever After” Party and share it with family and friends. It is killing me to have self-control and not click “SEND TO ALL” right now.

Thank you so so much for each of your contributions and talents. We are so happy with how our day was captured and how we can share it with others!

Feeling like celebrities,

The new Mr. and Mrs. 

Heather & Corey

Heather & Corey

Watch Now

So Excited!

Love you guys!!!!!!!!


My god, what stunning photos!!!!! It was an honour to have you be part of our day and documenting it in this way - HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PICK WHAT TO PRINT?! The best problem to have. 


I was going through them with my mom as she was trying to decide which picture to put over the fireplace at their house, and she kept going “I’ll put this one… no this one! No… THIS one” - can’t decide!! Also, the number of people who have asked me who took our photos is insane, I’m sending them all your way and will of course be tagging  Too good, thank you so so so much, we are eternally grateful!! 

Thank you!! I’m going to run out of breath with how much I keep telling everyone about you guys!! I haven’t posted yet but once I picked the photos I want to post I’ll be tagging the living heck outta y’all!!


I watched the video at least a hundred times, my best friend sobbed, it was great LOL


We were so blessed to have the team there, they were awesome and we couldn’t have imagined our day without them!!


Thank you so much for capturing our day and hanging out with us!!! We hope you had as much fun as we did :)

Much Love
Wahaj & Omar