Welcome to 20th Century Videography - it is not like Dad's old Christmas Videos anymore - that are 8 hours long. Please enjoy this page to understand "Clips vs Continuous Recording". 

Highlight Videos

TMC Weddings filming technique falls within industry standards and takes small clips throughout your day, 10 sec to a minute long.  We combine sections of those together to showcase all the special moments of your wedding day. Small audio clips from your vows may be added to the video, if you'd like... totally up to you!   

Highlight videos come with any package that includes a videographer. 
The length of your highlight video will depend on the amount of hours booked with us. 

Imagine a movie trailer with all the best parts of the movie, from start to finish, strung together with music that may spark some tears. 
That is what you will get with TMC Weddings! 



Ceremony Videos

Add on Videos

Ceremony Video 
15-30 minutes - $200
30-45 minutes - $250

45-60 minutes - $300

60-75 minutes - $350

This ceremony video will be a single angle continuous recording from a stationary camera, that will capture the entire ceremony and audio together.  This video will have minimal editing.
This will be captured by a second videographer whom will ensure that the camera is always pointing towards you and that it does not overheat and shut off. 




Deluxe Ceremony Video
15-45 minutes - $450 (depends on the length of your Ceremony)

This is a ceremony video that will be a combination of a single angle stationary camera and clips from a highlight video - focusing only on the ceremony portion of your day along audio. 


This will include 2 angles and will have 2 videographers present during your ceremony.  One that will be capturing the highlight clips and the other that will be looking after stationary camera.  The editing for this video is much more complex. 



Deluxe Videos

Add on Videos

Highlights & Full Ceremony
20 minutes - $350

30 minutes - $450

These videos are a combination of our your wedding day highlight video clips and your entire ceremony intermixed. 
This will include 2 angles and will have 2 videographers present during certain parts of your day.  

Generally the final video will have a highlight reel section during the beginning and end and the entire ceremony will be placed in the middle. 

This is an extensive editing process.




Deluxe Wedding Day Highlight 

**Must book a 2nd videographer for 5 hours minimum. 

At a special price of $400**
60-75 minutes - $750

75-90 minutes - $1000  

2 hours - $2000

This is your entire day combined together with the your full ceremony, reception, speeches, dances, and all traditional aspects (if needed) in one beautiful video. 

This will include all the angles need to capture every moment for your entire day, with two videographers (lead and assistant).

The ultimate wedding experience! 

This is a very extensive editing process. It will take longer to edit and therefore longer than our highlight reel editing. 



60 sec Highlight

Add on Videos

Social Clip

60 sec - $100
Many social media platforms limit the time of a posted video (irritating right) - so TMC Weddings makes sure that your social media videos are the best parts of your wedding day in a small 60 sec clip. 

You get to pick a song from our designated song website for this! 

Example:  click here

First Look

60-90 sec - $150

The first look can be a very special and intimate moment between the just the two of you.  It generally happens before the ceremony and is the reveal between the couple and/or parents before the walk down the aisle.  
Focusing only on these specific moments, TMC Weddings will put together in a 60-90 second video for you to share. 

You get to pick a song from our designated song website for this! 




Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos


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